Vision Care in Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Dr. Arnold Bierman O.D. in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, specializes in complete vision care for your entire family. In addition, we specialize in the visual analysis of children and adults with reading and learning problems. We offer optometric testing for behavioral conditions such as attention deficits and/or hyperactivity disorders, as well as functional vision care.

Why Choose Us?
From comprehensive eye exams to complete family eye care, Dr. Arnold Bierman O.D. has the experience, the training, the advanced technology, and the caring attitude that has made us a leader in the field of total eye care in our area

No Band-Aids
In addition, we want to correct your vision problems rather than prescribing progressively stronger prescriptions overtime. Take advantage of our quality eye care services including:


• Preventive Eye Care
• CRT-Related Exams
• Contact Lenses
• Vision Therapy
• Sports Vision
• Bi-focal Contact Lenses


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